Catching Up with Point Given

I was in town recently to visit Defining Hope at Margaux Farm and decided to stop by the Kentucky Horse Park to see an old friend.

Point Given looks to be settled in his new life at the Horse Park. He seemed to relish the claps from the audience after he was announced during the show. It is hard to believe that he is 20 yrs old already. He doesn’t  look a day over 15 and seems really content, well cared for, and loved. He deserves all of the accolades.

I’m your forever fan PG! See attached pic from the Horse Park.



Defining Hope

Hope’s pregnancy is progressing nicely. She is 7 months along with an estimated foaling date of January 26th. Hope appears to be enjoying her baby bump and eating for two these days. The life of a broodmare really suits her!  See attached picture.



Uphold Wins Allowance Race- 8-22-18

The allowance race was taken off the turf, and because of it, many of the horses scratched to leave a field of 5. Uphold pressed off the pace and dueled with the favorite down the stretch and just nipped A Little Vodka at the wire. Uphold’s game- on performance was awesome as he fought hard for the win! I was so proud of his valiant effort. See article with picture below.



Uphold Breaks Maiden – 7/3/18

Uphold broke his maiden at second asking and his first race of this year. As expected, Uphold ran true to his breeding at a distance of 1 1/16th mile. He was the favorite at 9/5 odds.

Uphold ( Gabe)and Fernando shot out of the gate and headed toward the front and then settled off the pace along the backstretch.They hit the final 1/8th and pulled away to almost a 5 length lead as he crossed the wire.  Uphold’s breeding suggests that he should have an affinity for the turf as well, so hopefully we’ll get to see that soon.

Defining Hope- A second career

Hope has transitioned nicely to life as a broodmare at Margaux Farm in a paddock with 5 other maiden broodmares. When we couldn’t figure out what was bugging her last year after watching her racing performance trail off despite training well, I made the decision to retire her. When I visited her at the end of the year, she appeared more settled than ever, and she even remembered her favorite track treat—– peppermints!

I visited Ashford to see Cupid who really impressed me. He is a gorgeous physical. Hope is booked to Cupid this Spring. I believe these two horses will produce a nice runner since both were precocious. I remember watching Cupid win the 2016 Indiana Derby. He was a heavy favorite that day.

Below is a picture of Hope the minute she noticed I brought her peppermints!

So in the spirit of the New Year, I’d like to propose a toast…. to cherishing our past blessings and to looking forward to new beginnings and second careers.


On The Point Update

Weathering the ups and downs is just the nature of the thoroughbred breeding and racing industry and just like everyone else, I’ve had my share over the past 8 years.

I learned the day after Thanksgiving that On The Point lost her To Honor & Serve foal. However, I am grateful that I still have her since a late term pregnancy loss can be extremely dangerous for a mare.

On the Point is booked to Blueskiesnrainbows this Spring. He’s well- bred and was a talented racehorse.

So I propose a toast to do-overs and to yet another Indiana sired and bred in 2019.


Uphold ( Gabe) Update

Gabe has joined Jordan Blair’s barn at Trackside at Churchill Downs and is settling in nicely. He continues to grow and mature daily.

I liken Gabe to that funny kid who would crack up the entire class, including the teacher, who would find it hard to keep a straight face. Dermot describes Gabe as a funny guy.

One cool afternoon recently, Dermot decided to blanket Gabe. But apparently, Gabe was too manly for that sort of thing and so by the time Dermot returned from the tack room with feed, Gabe had ripped the blanket clean off and shredded it!   I also understand that Gabe has destroyed a few balls that were hanging in his stall  and tore them in half and flung them over into the adjacent stall.  I wonder what his stablemate thought when the ball came hurling over the wall! 🙂

While Gabe is pretty easy going in the barn, you never know what funny antics he’ll pull to toy with you. But for all of his playfulness, Gabe knows when it’s time to get down to business. He is described as a true professional who enjoys his job. He may be just your all around good guy in the barn, but don’t expect him to pay any horse a favor once they walk onto that track! Two words… Look out!


Gabe boarding for Trackside

Gabe at Trackside

Gabe at Trackside at Churchill Downs- photo by Jordan Blair